The Durban North Coaching Academy
Every child is special and has something to offer.
To impart the skills of the game while having fun
Be gentle but firm
Command respect from the children and give respect back to them
Be aware of the “whole child”.  Circumstances at home, or with friends may influence the behaviour of the children.
Never underestimate the power of the positive
Lead by example – manners – dress code – speech and actions
Listen before judging and be fair at all times
Love sport and children.  The child’s welfare always comes first.
The Players
The ethos of the Academy is to teach sport while having fun and that every child is special and has something to offer.  With this in mind our code of conduct for the players is:
Have fun while being coached and playing the game
Listen and learn
Don’t argue with the coaches or referees
Don’t show off
Don’t be selfish – teamwork is important
Never give up
Play within the rules
Don’t cheat or argue
Manners maketh the man/ woman
Love sport and be passionate about everything you do
The Parents and Spectators
Children can’t play sport without the support of their parents, grandparents, siblings or just friends.  The Academy loves to see parents watching and encouraging their children.  With this in mind, our Code of Conduct for parents and spectators is:
Love your child for who he/ she is
Do not put your aspirations onto your child and try to accomplish things that you never achieved
Use positive thoughts and actions while watching your child
Rules of The Academy are in place for the good of the children.  You may not agree with them but respect for the coaches and the children is of utmost importance
Do not contradict coaches during coaching
No one is perfect – your child nor the coaches
Try to notice the good things your child achieved instead of the negative
Criticism of your child is best made in private
Help your child learn from your reactions.  Winning isn’t everything but participating is.  If at first you don’t succeed try and try again
At the end of the day have fun and laugh and love one another.  Tomorrow is another day
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